We are NO RISK!

NORISK was born in 1996. So, compared to the evolution of mankind, we're quite young. But we're seriously tough.

We design and produce footwear for people who face daily challenges, such as hazardous terrains, slippery surfaces, low temperatures and serial-killer bananas.

Our Vision

We think footwear should be fun, fashionable and functional (yes, we like things starting with an "F", like feet).

We want people to be safe in their professional environment, with elegant and up to date design, under any circumstances.

Our Mission

Want to know the truth? Our mission is to save you from serial-killer bananas. When this is not possible, we focus on protecting your feet from the hazards of professional demands (sorry, these don't include your boss).

We create safe, comfortable and affordable footwear for the most daring guys, who look for challenge and adventure without compromising on comfort and safety.

Our Values

We believe safety means conscious self-respect. No risk, no fun, they say. Well, we think the risk should be calculated: no risk, more fun.

We want to provide satisfaction and physical well being to your feet. If comfort were not granted, a shoe would be a cage.

We think technology is good when it serves a purpose. In our case, protecting your feet and make them comfortable.

We see life as a continuous exploration, both of oneself and of his surrounding. Forget about hazards and dangers, live your adventure.